Men’s grooming is all about maintenance and cultivating a quick and easy daily routine that will make sure you look your best always. You do not have to spend hours in the bathroom to look good. Instead with your essential survival kit and a little dedicated time, you will always be at the top of your game. Join the growing number of men who appreciate the impact a quick and simple morning grooming routine can have on your overall lifestyle.

Survival kit?

A grooming survival kit is personal. What you have in it is what is necessary to you each morning and will depend on what you like to focus on. It can include basics such as a shampoo and conditioner combo, a moisturizer, an electric toothbrush, favourite soap and deodorant. Also worth including would be a lip balm, and have a spare to carry around with you for reapplication when necessary. Chapped and dry lips are very painful and with a good lip balm you need not suffer. Beards are in these days and if you are sporting one, good on you. But facial hair needs proper maintenance if to look stylish and healthy rather than just messy and dry. If you have a beard, no matter the style, length or thickness you need to include a beard comb or brush and beard conditioner and oil to your survival kit.  

Daily care

The above items serve you daily and should be the go to products you reach for in your everyday morning routine. After a while the whole process could take you 15 minutes or less, depending on how efficient you become. Stepping out feeling fresh will set you up feeling good for the whole day. Don’t forget to rub a few drops of beard oil into your facial hair to keep it looking neat and sleek throughout the day and to spritz on a subtle masculine scent for a lasting impression.

Weekly care

If you can find the time, try a facial scrub once a week. Remember to look for environmentally friendly options such as vegan products or those responsibly manufacture, that will not have an adverse effect on the environment. Or you could opt for a soft flannel and your daily face wash to give your face an invigorating scrub. While daily hair conditioning may not be your thing, try and do it at least once a week, to give your hair the care it deserves to look thick and healthy. If you do have a beard remember to condition that as well and afterwards, dry it thoroughly, comb it out and trim any strays, so that your beard always looks groomed and retains its shape. 

Create your perfect survival kit and add simple daily and weekly quick grooming to your life. You can check here for top quality and affordable vegan products to add to your survival kit.