A well groomed beard is a wonder to behold and while it might look effortless, it does take some work to keep it healthy and looking well kept. If you too are trying to up your beard game then read on to find out the most common beard mistakes to avoid, so that you can sport an enviable beard. Find out what to avoid and what to do to grow and maintain your beard.


Whether you already have a full beard or are in the process of growing a beard, a beard grooming routine is essential. It will take your beard from being messy facial hair to something of class and worthy of admiration. Even if you do not follow the latest beard fashion trends a well-cared for and groomed beard will stand the test of time. Looking after your beard properly will ensure you have a healthy beard and that the skin beneath will also remain healthy and cared for. Some of the most common mistakes are listed below along with tips on what you should be doing to keep your beard nice and healthy.

Using the wrong products – A misconception many men are under is that you can use the same products you use on your hair on your beard. But really your hair and beard could not be more different if you take the time to check the growth and texture properly. You will need beard-specific products to help it look its best. Buy a specially formulated beard shampoo that will keep your beard and the skin beneath clean and moisturised and help retain your beard’s natural oils. This will prevent your beard from looking dry and scanty.

Not using beard oil or beard balm – Do you want a moisturised, healthier and fuller beard? Then not using beard oil or beard balm is a serious mistake. Apply beard oil or balm on your beard and it will be moisturised for the whole day, going a long way towards preventing beard dandruff that can happen because of beard itch caused by dry and flaky skin beneath your beard. However, don’t be heavy handed and over do the oil or balm, just a little of either product will go a long way. Place a small amount on your finger tips and massage it thoroughly throughout the beard and into the skin beneath.

Not brushing your beard – You might think drying and maybe running your fingers through your beard is enough, but you would be wrong. You need to brush your beard as well, firmly but gently. It will stimulate your natural oils, keep your beard neat and train the beard hairs to grow downward as opposed to outwards, so you do not have to deal with a messy patchy beard.

Not using unsuitable products for your skin and beard type – Not all beard products are created equal and with any products in the market, be sure to make the correct choice. Read up and find products that are truly good for you such as vegan products or those that use mostly natural ingredients. With these you will be getting all the goodness without any of the harmful after effects.

Incorrect washing techniques – Stop using normal soap on your face and beard because it leaves residue on your skin causing irritating and itchiness. Massage in a dedicated hair and beard wash after soaking your beard with water and then wash off thoroughly. If it is a medicated product keep it on for a few minutes. Once done massage a beard conditioner into the hair and let it absorb for a bit and then once again wash off. As soon as you finish washing your beard run a comb through it to get rid of any knots.

Not using proper grooming items – It is a very good idea to invest in proper grooming tools such as beard scissors, brushes, razors, shavers and trimmers. Having the proper grooming tools will make a huge difference to maintaining a full beard.

Following incorrect shaving techniques – Especially when you are just starting on your beard it is important to understand the correct way to shave so as not to damage your beard. A few months into your growth you have to create your lines properly and avoid classic mistakes such as shaving too close to your jaw line. For a full beard, the beard line should wrap under the chin, closer to your adam’s apple.

Not trimming properly – Avoid the habit of over trimming and trying to get rid of every little flyaway hair. Remember the more you trim the more bulk you remove from you beard. You should aim to trim once every four weeks or so. Be extra cautious as you start trimming your beard to avoid an uneven appearance that can happen if you over trim.

  • Consider your face shape before trimming your beard and look online for beard shapes for faces similar in shape to yours.
  • Trim a little at a time so that you have control and can judge the look before continuing.
  • Brush it and then use beard oil or balm to tame flyaway hair, instead of trying to trim everything
  • Only trim your beard when it is dry

Not being patient with growth – It will take time so be patient. Give yourself at least two months before you give up. Just let it take its course and with the tips mentioned here you should be able to see the unmistakeable potential of your beard.

Avoiding these common mistakes and practicing the proper beard care will help you achieve your desired beard which you will be proud of. With these tips you should hopefully see a positive difference and by developing the habit of spending a little time to groom your beard you will soon be the envy of all your friends. Remember there are no right and wrong beards, just beards that have been cared for more than others!